How The Sounds In 'Transformers' Movies Are Made | Movies Insider

How The Sounds In 'Transformers' Movies Are Made | Movies Insider

“Bumblebee,” the latest movie in the “Transformers” franchise, makes great use of sound. We sat down with the sound team on the Paramount lot and learned all the sounds behind your favorite Autobots, from Optimus Prime to Bumblebee himself, as well as, of course, battles and explosions.

The “Transformers” movies are known for explosions and giant Autobots that crash into buildings. To make all that feel real, the sound has got to be just right. “Bumblebee,” the latest entry in the franchise, was no exception.

To learn more about how the sounds you hear in the movie are made, we talked to the film’s Foley team. Foley sounds are any sounds based on a character’s interactions and movements. Usually that means human characters, but it can also apply to the sounds of animals, and, in this case, big metallic creatures. Many of Bumblebee’s movements aren’t different than what you’d expect from a human character, but he’s made of metal, so he’s going to sound different.

This is Dawn Lunsford, Alicia Stevenson, and David Jobe, the Foley team behind the movie.

“Bumblebee” is available now on digital and on Blu-ray April 2.

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How The Sounds In ‘Transformers’ Movies Are Made | Movies Insider



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