How to Build a YouTube Set (Low Budget Studio for Beginners – Cheap!)

How to Build a YouTube Set (Low Budget Studio for Beginners – Cheap!)

Film Jams is giving you a sneak peek of our new low budget Youtube set design for the new year and giving you tips on how to build a Youtube set yourself that reflects your brand and personality. For the past year, our main set has been an old couch, with three bulky brick set pieces as the background. We’ve been thinking of ways to update our look and decided to go for a more modern approach.

Our new set upgraded our old couch for a sleeker, more modern one. Instead of having a big backdrop that takes up a bunch of space in our studio, we replaced the back with 3D wall tile pieces that we really like the look and utility of. These 1 by 1 square pieces can be customized a bunch of different ways. They come in white, which we are going to keep, but they can also be painted or accessorized in other ways. There were also only $50 for a set of 12, making them a pretty cheap way to upgrade your set, or even your home!

We also chose these tiles because we wanted to incorporate more lighting into our set. Their 3D design looks impressive with different colored lights creating shadows and texture on our new wall. Since the wall is white, we can also customize the color of the wall for each episode to keep it fresh.

Changing up your set every once in awhile is a great way to make your Youtube channel more interesting and starting a new year is a great time to make the change. If you have any other tips for low-cost Youtube set design, let us know in the comments below!

If you have any questions on the techniques used in this review video, please send a note in the comments. Thanks for watching How to Build a Youtube Set (Low Budget Studio for Beginners), in our Film Jams series!


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-3D Wall Panels –

-Quasar Science 2′ Crossfade LED Lamp –
-NanLite PavoTube 4′ RGBW LED Tube –

-Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 –

-Canon C200 –

-RODE Wireless GO –


Other equipment we use to film:

-Canon C100 –
-Canon C300 –
-Canon EOS R –
-Sony A7III –

-Canon 24-105mm – (main interview)
-Canon 100mm macro – (product shots & CUs)

-Sachtler –

-Sennheiser MKE600 –
-Sennheiser 416 –

-Litepanel Astra 6x –
-Kino Flo Diva LED –

-Profoto Beauty Dish –
-Profoto D2 500 Strobe Kit –
-Canon 5D mkIII –
-Profoto Air Remote –


Filmed on location at: in St. Petersburg, FL

Special Thanks to the St. Petersburg Clearwater Film Commission Digital Creator Program

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