How to create Cinematic Footage using CAMERA ANGLES: Cinematic Language Episode 1

How to create Cinematic Footage using CAMERA ANGLES: Cinematic Language Episode 1

There are simple universal truths that work nearly every time and if you learn these basics you can build on them and enhance the quality of your videos. I wish more people knew these seemingly simple things.

My Goal is to create a series of videos that will cover all the considerations even before you press the record button; how to use cameras to get the best visuals, how to record great audio and why it’s SO SO important (almost as much as the visuals), how to use lighting and colour dramatically affect the meaning of your shots, how to edit your videos for the greatest impact, how to build and communicate better stories, and how to finish and deliver the very best videos you can. And the more you use these tips and techniques the better you will become at making great videos! Any kind of videos. Really, these are the principles that are the basis that every filmmaker learns, then bend to their will. Cause honestly it’s manipulating the viewer to see what you want them to see 😉

First off – PART 1! Today we talk about Camera angles, framing, compositions and perspectives, and how important they are to communicating your message. Using the right shot can have powerful subconscious effect on the viewer, it really helps communicate on a deeper level, by tapping into universal human experiences.

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