How to direct a movie or a play : directing actors for a truthful performance

How to direct a movie or a play : directing actors for a truthful performance


Acting coach Anthony Montes gives an example of how to direct actors to get a truthful performance, by giving them separately their different points of view on the same situation.

Actresses :

Elisabet Johannesdottir

Philippine Dian

Many directors use improvisation and playing with circumstances to get a realistic scene on camera.

This is something you can try yourself, whilst directing a movie, to see what this technique can bring to the scene organically, by letting the actors surprise each other in a way that cannot be planned.

Anthony Montes is an award winning actor, writer and producer. He is also an acting coach who studied Sanford Meisner’s acting technique (at Playhouse West) and the Strasberg Method (at the Actors Studio).

Among his teachers were Sandy Meisner, Charlie Laughton (Al Pacino’s friend and coach), Bill Alderson, Susan Peretz, Barbara Bain, Bob Carnegie and Shelley Winters. He has been teaching in many places around the world, including James Franco’s Studio 4 in the recent years.

To learn more about him, you can go to his website or his Facebook Page :

This course what given at the Paris Meisner Studio. To check out their work or attend the next course, check out :

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