How to do a STUNT FALL (Judo Side Fall) taught by stuntman Rustic B

How to do a STUNT FALL (Judo Side Fall) taught by stuntman Rustic B

How to fall safely and not get hurt! You can also use this stunt fall method (taken from Judo) to fall in a real life scenario! How to Film STUNT MOVE TUTORIALS:

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Main tips on how to do stunts with the Side Fall:
– Make sure you learn the Ideal Landing Position!
– Work your way up to doing it from standing.
– Make sure you are rolling up the entire length of your body
– Do NOT stick out your wrists to try and catch yourself
– Relax into it!

Stunt Pad Video:
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This tutorial on How to do a Stunt fall is part of a filmmaking tutorial series run by professional Hollywood stuntman Rustic Bodomov. In this video I explain how to do a judo side fall, and turn it into a stunt fall for fight scenes!

Rustic’s STUNT REEL:

In this action filmmaking tutorial series, Hollywood stuntmen Rustic Bodomov and Justin Gant break down how to film a fight scene and how to do stunts in the safest and best looking way.

We will teach you how to do stunts, how to film fights, how to choreograph a fight scene, how to be a stuntman, and give you tricks on cinematography as well as movement.

I want to teach you EVERYTHING I know, so I can help other youtubers and filmmakers like me when I was first starting out. People are going to do action scenes ANYWAYS, and I want to teach them how the pros do it safely and make it look good 🙂

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