How To Download ALL Your YouTube Videos!

How To Download ALL Your YouTube Videos!

Want to download ALL your videos from YouTube as they were originally uploaded? Here’s how! Link in the description. ▼

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Question: Can you get to all your uploaded YouTube videos and download them in the same format they were uploaded?

Answer: Yes.


Make sure you are logged into the Google account where your YouTube channel is connected.

Go to:

Google lists every account they have for you. You can get at everything. Here we see Google Drive, Google Photos, all Gmail, and so on.

We’re interested in is this one at the bottom, YouTube.

Go back to the top and click SELECT NONE. Scroll to the bottom where YouTube sits and turn that on. Click the NEXT button to set your options.

I use the default, a ZIP file, although you can use one of these options if they suit you.

I use the default archive size of 2GB, but you can select whichever one you want. Remember that you’ll have to download these files, so you might want to keep it in these smaller 2 GB chunks.

I select the delivery method of email. You can have to delivered to all these others, but I just want to be notified via email when it’s ready.

Click CREATE ARCHIVE button.

Google shows you this progress screen. You don’t need to sit there and camp on it, as it can take a while to collect all this data, especially on my YouTube channel with almost 250 videos. If you close the window it will just keep doing it’s thing.

I completed this at 10:37 AM. By 11:42 am, I got this email. I click on the first archive, and Google is making sure I am who I say I am.

Enter the password and click NEXT. You’ll see a screen popup and a Save As window will appear. Click SAVE to save the 1st archive.

I can see it’s downloading the first 2GB file down here.

While that’s downloading, let’s take a look at what’s in this window. Here’s the archive of everything I just requested. So I don’t have to click each link in the previous email, I click on the SHOW EXPORTS button.

A list of all the exports requested show up in a window, and I can just click in each one to download.

The 1st archive is downloaded. Let’s unpack it and see what we’ve got.

Takeout is the unpacked folder.

We open that folder, open the YouTube folder, open the Videos folder, and here’s a lot of stuff we don’t care about.

Sort by type and we see the first pile of videos Google sent to us.

Let’s get rid of all the other stuff.

I switch to a larger view, and sure enough, those are the original videos I uploaded to YouTube.

It should be obvious to you if you do the math, how much storage you’ll need to save these.

I have 78 archives of 2GB each, so that’s over 150 GB.

This tool is also handy if, gods forbid, you lose all your files.

At least you’ll be able to get to the videos.

Click the subscribe button and click the bell icon to receive weekly videos.

I hope that helps, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time.


I have 78 archives of 2GB each, so that’s over 150 bytes…


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