How to make a crown: Deer Skull Viking Crown with Real Antlers – Part 1

How to make a crown: Deer Skull Viking Crown with Real Antlers – Part 1

How to make a Deer Skull King’s Crown Tutorial on how to make a full brass and bronze DIY viking crown from pattern to finished deer skull crown!

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In this series I will show the step by process of making a viking inspired King’s Crown with a repousse Deer Skull and Real antlers to finish it off. Join me in the shop as I layout the initial pattern on sheet metal and cut the pieces to shape. This is an excellent beginner armor project as building a crown of this design is quite simple. I will be using brass, mild steel and showing all the armor techniques of a professional armorsmith in this series. The Sutton Hoo helmet plates used in this video are from Raymond’s Quiet Press and can be ordered from him.

About this Deer Skull Viking King’s Crown Series: How To Make Metal Armor by Drawbridge Props & Armoury! Learn how to make armor and many metal working techniques as you follow along with the pattern, or use the tips and tricks from this video for your other metalworking or cosplay projects. I love making how to videos that help beginners develop the skills required to become a professional prop builder or just sit back and enjoy watching me make medieval armor.

Do you want to learn how to craft armor? Follow along with this DIY do-it-yourself how to make armor guide for how cut the pieces, punch holes, set rivets, and age and distress the metal. In this tutorial there will be tips and tricks for the beginner metalworker so you can learn how to cut, deburr and finish your metal armour.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the tutorial and download the patterns so you can follow along. These tutorials will be excellent for anyone looking for a fun project to do with kids. If you use these how to metal crafting tutorials, be sure to share your armour projects with us on facebook! Thanks for checking out the Drawbridge Props & Armoury YouTube channel and keep an eye out for a future leather and armour tutorials!

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Hi, I’m Levi Woods, an Armorsmith and artist working in Vancouver, British Columbia. I love creating new videos to share my shop creations with you. I love all fantasy, medieval and science fiction movies and especially love crafting arms and armour for costumes and props departments. I’ve been building custom armor since 2000 and have worked as a professional movie prop costumer all over the world. When I’m home in my shop I love building art out of wood, metal and leather and love to explore new techniques. I focus on crafting one of a kind extravagant custom projects with including leather and metal armor for my clients who use them for Films, SCA, LARP, Renaissance Festivals, Cosplay, Costume Contests, and Private Collections. As an artist and craftsman, I am inspired and influenced by artisans and crafts people throughout different cultures and history. Join me on my journey of learning and creating as I craft handmade items. “Subscribe now and let’s get over to the bench!”
Levi Woods, Armorsmith

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