How to make a Linocut for Beginners: Set Up Tips

How to make a Linocut for Beginners: Set Up Tips

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This video shows the basic set up, carving, inking and printing of a mounted block of linoleum to make a linocut relief print. Leave any questions you have in the comments below, or on my blog ( Check the links below for supplies.

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A short video on using a grid to accurately duplicate a
reference image to a block is here.

Music is by Jessie Cook.

Song title is Bogata by Bus.

Speedball ‘super value’ block printing kit

Kozo Mulberry paper (for easy hand-rubbed image transfer)

Akua Ink starter set

Akua MagMix (modifier to stiffen the ink)

Akua Transparent Base

storage jars for leftover ink

bench hook & inking plate

drawing pencils

assorted tip black & gray markers

metal ruler with cork back

flexcut micro set knives

power grip carving knives

min wax to seal your drawing on the plate

unmounted linoleum

bfk rives printmaking paper

spatula for mixing/laying out ink


Takach hand brayer & etching press

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