How To Prepare For Video Interviews

How To Prepare For Video Interviews

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Virtual or video interviews are becoming more common places these days, especially if you’re relocating to new city that’s far way. Because this way of interviewing is so new, most people aren’t sure how to prepare of them. I’ve got some tips that will help you look more professional in your next video interview.

Be Aware Of Your Environment

– Give people a heads up.
– Put away your pets!
– Pick a good spot to set up.

Pre Video Setup

– Keep it eye level.
– Maintain eye contact.
-Light it up.

Now that you’ve prepared your background and gotten your environment taken care of it’s time to move onto the technical part of the video interview.

Figure Out Your Equipment

– Don’t use your built in.
– Audio is king.
– Wifi is no good.

Run Throughs Are Your Friend

– Know the streaming service.
– Practice interviews are a must do.
– Sticky notes and video screen placement.

Now you’re ready my friends. Feel confident and professional going into your next virtual interview.


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