How to Use The Dutch Angle Shot [Cinematic Techniques in Film] #dutchangle

How to Use The Dutch Angle Shot [Cinematic Techniques in Film] #dutchangle

Dutch Angle Shot Examples ►►

A dutch angle or dutch tilt is a great way to signal to your viewer that something in your scene is wrong. That said, many filmmakers have used the dutch angle too much, or in such a thoughtless manner that they left cinematic effectiveness on the table.

Dutch angles were originally created during the film era of German Expressionism, and they are a perfect cinematic tool for jarring a viewer, and signalling trouble, danger, or general unrest within a situation.

Our video breaks down:
When to use a dutch angle
How far to tilt your camera
How level changes affect the shot
Depth of field considerations

We breakdown a scene from Mission Impossible, and show you specific examples of how a dutch angle can elevate your material.

When you finish this video, you will understand everything you need to know about dutch angles and dutch tilts.
The end result: You will be able to effectively use dutch angles in your next project.
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