I’m GOING TO FILM SCHOOL + stop refusing your dreams & finally end your struggle for good!

I’m GOING TO FILM SCHOOL + stop refusing your dreams & finally end your struggle for good!

You can try and forget your dreams, but they won’t forget you 😉

I suffered tremendously ignoring what I specifically and truly wanted to do. Because you can’t ignore the real expression of who you are (your specific, huge dream that reflects the true level of power you are holding).

After almost 3 decades of severe struggle (eating disorders, anxiety, depression), in one swift moment, I took the scariest step ever: I admitted my “crazy, unreasonable, impossible dream” of being a film maker/producer/actor and got myself into an expensive (5 figure), intensive course with lots of hurdles to jump through. Yep, i’m investing lots of time and lots of money into what I REALLY want to do.

It may sound easy doing this so fast, but it took me a very long time to figure out how to get there.

At first I was nauseous, terrified and numb. I’ve had “terrible experiences” in education. Anxiety, dropping out, dropping marks, being told I was “too old”. I had to face my past, face my terrors and all the false beliefs I had about the “impossibility” of what I wanted to do and whether I could commit to that.

But with each hurdle I jump through, my power is cascading through my system, I am filled with film ideas & expressing more and more. Crazy. Not long ago, I was so tired i’d just want to sleep all day, I was fighting a lot in relationships, and literally had no clue who I was and what I wanted to do.

Only those who have been through this kind of trial by fire have the courage to nail with SPECIFICITY the dream. And the magic to find the catalyst action.

We do that in the session I mentioned at the end of the video called, “Your Bold Move”

If you’re interested in a longer term intensive program to go “all the way” with your dream, please get in touch.

Oh and…. I’ll be in film school full-time by Feb, so don’t delay and miss your chance to find out what you’re really made of with me 😉


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