Immersive 3D The secrets of beautiful stereo cinematography

Immersive 3D The secrets of beautiful stereo cinematography

Whether magic like Hugo, incredible like Avatar or immersive like Life of Pi, 3-D films show us a world that engages and envelops the viewer like nothing else. Recent film production has rejuvenated this often mis-sold genre, and its technique has been remastered thanks to the advent of digital cameras. This book is about the possibilities of stereo cinematography, and how it can be approached simply and beautifully, created in a practical no-nonsense way. It begins with an overview of stereo cinematography, examining its past, present and future, and looks at how the genre has changed over time and where it is going next. The reader is then introduced to trade secrets that range from set design to editing, from operating to lighting by an award winning cinematographer like Franz Pagot, with a bonus chapter on 3-D sound design by Oscar winner (Slumdog Millionaire) Resul Pookutty. Beautifully illustrated by the author with drawings and photos from real life film sets, with simple tutorials including how to shoot steadicam in 3-D and how to train your eye to recognise as well as produce beautiful images, not only in stereo. This book shows you that being a cinematographer is about preparation not just talent and luck.
Are any secrets revealed like the subtitle promises? Yes, and you will not be disappointed. Beautiful cinematography requires inspiration and that is why this book is indispensable, reassuringly knowing that all proceeds will go to  The Meyer Children’s Hospital (Florence) and to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (London).


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