”In a World of Copies” by Charlie Di Stefano (Award Winning)

”In a World of Copies” by Charlie Di Stefano (Award Winning)

My first film in a ”In a World of Copies” that I wrote and directed as well as starred in.

The film tackles the harsh ideas of reality. In today’s world where everyone is constantly watching each other and copying each other, it’s hard to find your true individuality. It’s hard to find one’s true creative essence if will are constantly put in order with schools and certain jobs. The Film has many inner messages and metaphors that can all be linked back to society.

After a year in the film circuit, I was blessed enough to win theses awards are the world.

Gold award for best cinematography at European independent film awards

Gold award at European independent film awards for Best Short Film

Best shorts competition California – Young Filmmaker 17 and under

Young filmmaker New York – Best Short

Hollywood Film Competition 2019
Gold award for best short

Hollywood Film competition – Best Actor Diamond Award Charlie DiStefano

Short Listed at for best short film at the Byron Bay Film Festival 2019

I hope you enjoy the Flim and would love to hear what people have to say about the Flim. Thank you!!!

Special Thanks to Rick Stevenson and the rest of the tribe at prodigy camp for making this dream a reality.


Directed and Written by Charlie Di Stefano
Produced by Kellen Watts
Sound by Sean Treacy
Director of Photography

Caley Brooke – Joe Robinson – Charlie Di Stefano

Filmed on Black Magic

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