“In The Moment: The Art of Cinematography in Doc Filmmaking” Alan Jacobsen, Martina Radwan Panel

“In The Moment: The Art of Cinematography in Doc Filmmaking” Alan Jacobsen, Martina Radwan Panel

“In The Moment: The Art of Cinematography in Documentary Filmmaking”

Moderator: Hugo Perez (“Neither Memory Nor Magic,” “Lights Camera Uganda”)
Panelists: Alan Jacobsen (“Strong Island,” “Finding 52”) & Martina Radwan (“The Final Year,” “Inventing Tomorrow”)

About Martina Radwan: Martina Radwan, a native German, based in NYC for over twenty years, has been the cinematographer for award-winning documentaries and features for over a decade.

Her most recently award-winning documentaries include Inventing Tomorrow,” “The Final Year,” “The Family I Had,” “The Eagle Huntress,” “The Promised Band,” and “Chicken People.” The 2012 Academy winner for Best Documentary Short and 2013 Emmy winner for Best Documentary “Saving Face” by Daniel Junge and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, earned her a 2013 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary and Long Form. She also shot the “Missing People”, “Through A Lens Darkly,” “Watchers of the Sky,” “Hot Coffee,” “WIlliam Kunstker: Disturbing The Universe,” “Beautiful Darling,” as well as “Ferry Tales,” a 2004 Academy Award nominee, directed by Katja Esson. She was also an additional camera operator for the film “RBG.” In 2018, Radwan became a member of the Academy.

About Alan Jacobsen: Jacobsen’s most recent acclaim is for shooting director Yance Ford’s “Strong Island,” which was nominated for the 2018 Academy Award for Best Documentary and won the 2018 Primetime Emmy Award for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking. Focusing on the violent death of Ford’s brother, Jacobsen was both director of photography and associate producer on the project. The film features long takes and a camera which never pans or tilts.

“Strong Island” also won the Sundance Special Jury Prize and has received nominations for a raft of other accolades, including Best Documentary Film at both the Berlin International Film Festival and Black Reel Awards.

Jacobsen recently finished shooting “Finding 52” for Josh Zeman and Adrian Grenier. The feature-length documentary highlights the search for the world’s loneliest whale and is due for release in 2018. He is also lensing a feature documentary with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

His films for two-time Oscar-nominated director Marshall Curry, “Racing Dreams” and “Point and Shoot,” both received the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival. “Racing Dreams” documents three young competitors in the World Karting Championship, while “Point and Shoot” follows an American’s journey to fight in the Libyan Revolution. The Tribeca Film Festival jury described “Point and Shoot” as, “a film that makes its own rules.”

About Hugo Perez: Hugo Perez is a filmmaker and writer whose work often focuses on his Cuban heritage. Perez served as Producer and Director of the feature documentary “Neither Memory Nor Magic” narrated by Patricia Clarkson and Viggo Mortensen, as well as “Summer Sun Winter Moon” that had a national PBS broadcast. Perez recently served as Executive Producer of Rodrigo Reyes feature documentary “Purgatorio” that was broadcast on the PBS series “America ReFramed,” and David Felix Sutcliffe’s documentary “Adama” that aired on PBS World. Perez’ film “Seed” was part of ITVS/PBS groundbreaking original online science fiction series “FutureStates.” He is the recipient of the Estela Award for Documentary Filmmaking presented by NALIP as well as the Rockefeller Foundation/Tribeca Film Institute Emerging Artist Fellowship.

He is currently working on “Lights Camera Uganda” a documentary chronicling 2 years in the life of Wakaliwood.

This year’s fourth annual Sight, Sound & Story: The Art of Cinematography event we’ll go behind the lens to better understand the challenges and decisions made by top visual artists in the realm of narrative TV, documentary and feature films. Our event series is where we hope many pieces of the creative puzzle fit together – a familiar enclave for the exchange of ideas and a celebration of this unique collaborative process.

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