Introduction to Module I (subtitled) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FREE, EASY ALBANIAN LESSONS!

Introduction to Module I (subtitled) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FREE, EASY ALBANIAN LESSONS!

Start to speak Albanian within 5 minutes into this free course.

Learn Albanian for speaking and/or surprising your friends and/or relatives. Easy Albanian for beginners, tourists, travelers, future husbands and wives of Albanian partners or even your colleagues or business partners.

Are you volunteering in Albania? If so, use this course to learn Albanian quickly.

Are you a traveler that needs to learn some basic phrases quickly without having any previous knowledge on grammar? Then this course is perfect for you. You can learn how to speak Albanian in simple words and phrases within a matter of hours.

Learn Albanian for free from the comfort of your home, car, or while travelling. Albanian videos are subtitled. This course will help you read Albanian phrasebooks, build basic phrases using basic words, and express yourself in Albanian. You will surprise everyone with just ‘pak’ Albanian.

Stop trying to speak Albanian! Actually start to speak confidently! Also great for language challenge, polyglots, language learners, beginners, and people who have an interest in Albanian culture, music, songs, or movies.


Normally, you should deactivate the subtitles the first time you listen each recording and try to participate by pressing the pause button in order to think. Then say your answer out loud. After you finish the entire lesson, you may want to repeat it with subtitles on this time so that you can see how the words are written.
Feel free to use in conjunction with other materials.

About this course:
This course is an act of empathy and understanding towards our fellow language learners. Most existing methods for learning Albanian are somewhat overflown with technical terms. While such terms could not be entirely removed from this course, they have been used as little as possible. The aim of this course has been to significantly reduce the frustration students of Albanian experience when learning this language.
I wish you all the best in your endeavors!