Irish Tin Whistle Lesson #1 – [The Basics] Start Here

Irish Tin Whistle Lesson #1 – [The Basics] Start Here

This Beginner Tin Whistle tutorial is for those who have never played tin whistle before and shows you how to play tin whistle step by step with clear guidance and demonstration from Kirsten Allstaff, a professional tin whistle player who’s played since childhood. The tin whistle really lends itself to video instruction making learning tin whistle online a very practical and achievable goal.

Take this beginner tin whistle lesson to learn where to start tin whistle, how to hold tin whistle and how to blow tin whistle; then continue to the OAIM website for even more expert tin whistle tips, sheet music and a comprehensive FAQ to help you learn how to play tin whistle quickly and efficiently –

In this very popular beginner tin whistle tutorial sampled from OAIM Tin Whistle Basics Course you will learn:
1. How to hold tin whistle 00:54
2. How to create a good tone and avoiding making tin whistle squeak 02:44
3. Play the scale of D on tin whistle (get free tablature for Scale of D by clicking here )
4. Play two nursery rhymes on tin whistle: Mary Had a Little Lamb and Frere Jacques 04:11 (get free tablature for Mary Had A Little Lamb here

After mastering the tunes and technique in this tin whistle lesson, move on to tin whistle tutorial #2 on YouTube –

OAIM Tin Whistle Basics Course Structure

First, you will learn how to hold the tin whistle, proper hand and finger posture and good basic tin whistle technique. Then you move into a progressive study of tin whistle scales, tin whistle articulation and tin whistle ornamentation. The first tin whistle tunes taught are nursery rhymes ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and ‘Fréres Jacques’ as these tunes are well known so you can focus on the technique of learning the D scale and producing the proper tone from your tin whistle.

After mastering these basic tin whistle tunes in the D scale you will progress to learning the following popular Irish tin whistle session tunes as well as associated ornamentation:

The Rattlin’ Bog
We won’t go home until the morning
I’ll tell my ma
Britches full of stitches
Shoe the donkey
The Butterfly
Na Ceannabhain Bhána
Johnny O’Leary’s
Sonny’s Mazurka
John Blessing’s
Sally Gardens
The Ten Penny Bit
O’Keefe’s Dream
The Feakle Jig
Connacht Heifers
Harvest Home

By the end of the OAIM Tin Whistle Basics course, you will have a repertoire of sixteen popular Irish session tin whistle tunes, the ability to play tin whistle cuts, tin whistle taps and tin whistle rolls, as well as a deeper understanding of the Irish music tradition. The course has 17 lessons, broken into 3 to 4 tutorials each, where tunes are taught phrase by phrase.

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Opening credits – played by our very own Thomas Johnston on Low Whistle, courtesy of Rhythms of Ireland dance show.


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