Is Film School Worth it in 2020

Is Film School Worth it in 2020

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In this video we discuss one of the biggest questions every young aspiring filmmaker has: Is film school worth it? Specially now in 2020 with so much content online to learn how to make movies. I always knew wanted to make movies, but going to a school in America helped me a lot.

For this video I brought on my friend and fellow filmmaker Beecher Reuning. We met in 2012 when I started my undergrad at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. Beecher was one of the top filmmakers on campus and went on to get his Masters of Fine Arts in Cinema-Television Directing from Regent University in Virginia.

There are 3 main things that you will get from a film school
2-Ability to fail
3-Discover your strengths

More info about Lee University’s Film program:

More info about film schools in the US:
If you have not yet mastered filmmaking and feel that attending a film school would help you grow as a filmmaker while speeding up the process to fulfill your goals as a filmmaker, then the answer is yes. Film school is worth it if it brings you closer to making your masterpiece.
NY Film Academy:

10 Reasons Not to Go to Film School and Is Film School Worth It?:
If you think you need that super expensive cinema camera, keep in mind that for almost all film students, the camera is never the obstacle to making a quality film

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