Katy Perry ROAR Music Video Contest – Barrington High School 2013

Katy Perry ROAR Music Video Contest – Barrington High School 2013


The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be arduous. Unfortunately, many become trapped and feel powerless in emotionally and physically abusive relationships. However, music can inspire an individual and an individual can inspire a movement through changing their attitude, outlook and actions. Female empowerment and reclaiming your life as your own is what Katy Perry’s “Roar” means to us. Our video showcases how one student becomes self aware and achieves her independence by breaking free from an abusive relationship. Sometimes all it takes is the right song to help the person take the first step.

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© 2013 238 Studios, Goetze Productions and Baldassano Productions


Director Catherine Goetze
Assistant Director Ariana Baldassano

Girlfriend Kristen Pluta
Boyfriend JJ Good

Video Teacher Jeff Doles

Production Managers Eliot Raymond, Lily Moradi, Clare McLaughlin

Directors of Photography: Catherine Goetze, Ariana Baldassano, Eliot Raymond, Ryan Woodlock, James Owen, Clare McLaughlin, Tommy Derken

Chief Cinematographers: Eliot Raymond, Ryan Woodlock

Cinematography: Peter Chung, Daniel Roth, Catherine Goetze

Editor: Catherine Goetze

Financial Managers: Carlie Barbera, Lizzie Lekai

Costume, Props, Makeup: Lily Moradi, Clare McLaughlin, Layne Lindroth

Light and Sound: James Owen, Peter Chung
Choreography Claudia Nielsen, Lexi Tisbo

Set Design: Lily Moradi, Carlie Barbera, Catherine Goetze, Kristen Pluta, Ariana Baldassano, Clare McLaughlin, Gus Goetze

Assistants: James Owen, Gus Goetze, Tommy Derken, Carlie Barbera, Lizzie Lekai, Dean Sapkaris

Support Cast
Neighbor Natalie Laudick
Friend 1 Claire Fountas
Friend 2 Summer Weathered
Teacher Katherine Keeler
Boy Tommy Derken

Teacher in hallway Jeff Doles
Dean Joe Molloy
Officer John McGowan

Special Thanks: BHS Orchesis, Bataille, Broncettes, Dancewerks, Paul Gillette, Jeff Doles, LeeAnn Taylor, Katherine Keeler and her 5th hour class, The Gustafson Family, The Hiedner Family, The Derken Family, The Moradi Family, The Kramer Family, Sarah Frank


Barrington High School
616 W. Main St.
Barrington, IL 60010