Lighting for Green Screen | Cinematic Lighting Techniques

Lighting for Green Screen | Cinematic Lighting Techniques

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The ability to green screen a subject into a different background is fantastic and sometimes necessary. By learning some of the tips and techniques that go into effectively lighting and shooting no a green screen, you will be able to open up new possibilities and take your cinematography skills to the next level. Director and cinematographer Valentina Vee presents us with several tips for lighting green screens and uses these techniques in two very different examples of chroma keying.

In this episode, Valentina discusses the importance of matching the lighting and mood of your subject in front of the green screen, to the desired background you want to place them in. In this episode we conduct two background replacements, placing our subject in an interior scene from the comedy movie, Crazy Rich Asians, as well as in an exterior scene from the TV drama, Mr. Robot. These two wildly different examples showcase the many decisions that go into placing someone in a completely new environment.

Valentina also educates us on making sure that the green screen is evenly lit, that the exposure matches your subject, that you reduce the amount of green spill on your subject, and that you use the right lenses for the job. It’s important that you take all of these factors into consideration in order to achieve clean chroma keying results.

By learning how to effectively chroma key a subject into a new environment, you open up the possibilities create a larger variety of cinematic visuals. Green screen effects are not only limited to science fiction scenes. They are also useful in anything from corporate videos, to allowing you to place an actor somewhere you couldn’t film them. Like in the scenes we showcased today, you can even replace actors altogether. The skills learned from this episode will help you reach new levels of creating visuals full of cinematic depth.

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