Making It – Ep5 – Film Production Insurance, Shooting Schedules and Call Sheets

Making It – Ep5 – Film Production Insurance, Shooting Schedules and Call Sheets

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Today’s video is Episode 5 of our pre-production series – Making It. This episode will show screenwriter and director SC Lannom and producer Herman Wilkins as they assemble a film crew, rent filming equipment, and secure the costumes, props, and set design for the pilot presentation. They get a ton of help securing the gaffer, 1st assistant camera operator, key grip, and more from cinematographer Marvin Nuecklaus.

Part of the pre-production process is understanding where to find movie props, set design, and costumes for your short film. You also need crew which will include your camera department made up of at least a 1st assistant camera operator and cinematographer, but also your general and electric department which will include your gaffer, key grip, and any additional grips you’ll need to place equipment and set up lighting.

You’ll also need to secure a hair and makeup artist as well as a costume designer and production designer who can make your world come to life with set design, costumes, and props that fit your production needs.

All of these film jobs are integral to the success of your short film and filmmaking in general, but the other side of this is securing your film equipment rentals as well as production insurance for your film gear. If you hope to get a great looking film using professional cameras and lenses, then you’ll need to have at the very least some form of liability insurance so any damaged equipment can be covered and doesn’t end up costing you more than your entire budget. Our budget is about the same as a single lens, so affordable insurance is a much better option than crossing our fingers.

At the very end, you’ll see how the call sheet brings everyone together on the day of your film shoot, and how StudioBinder call sheets are the best because they send notifications to email and your mobile device as well as tracking confirmation status of each crew member so that you have perfect clarity on who will be on set and who you need to follow up with to confirm receipt of the call sheet. Another important thing about the call sheet is information on nearby hospitals, parking for the cast and crew, call times so that people aren’t on set for an unnecessary amount of time, and more.

This series takes you from pre-production to post-production to show you how to make a movie or tv show idea become reality. In this web series, we take a short film and tv show idea and go through the process of directing movies and each of the film production careers associated with creating a proof of concept for a comedy tv show idea.

No filmmaking theory here, just a step by step process of what it looks like to create a proof of concept tv show. The filmmaking process is shown to you in detail, and you will be able to see just how hectic making a TV show pilot on a small budget can be.

Take what you learn from this filmmaking web series and apply it to your next project, whether you’re a director, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter, or filmmaker in general. See how to find and secure crew, find film locations, build shot lists, collaborate with your filmmaking team, see camera work decisions, and filmmaking problem-solving in real-time.

We use our StudioBinder filmmaking tool along the way, so you can see how call sheets, contacts lists, script breakdowns, and more can help you create your own tv show idea on a very small professional budget.

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