Med School Musical – A Disney Parody – University of Alberta

Med School Musical – A Disney Parody – University of Alberta

Hey everyone! This is the longest music video I’ve EVER directed/filmed/edited/produced!!!

Hope it shows you what it’s like to be part of med school 🙂

Thank you so much to all amazing friends/classmates for helping me out with this HUGE project!! But since literally almost all of you took part in this, I can’t type out all of your names, haha!! 🙁

Hope you guys enjoy!! I appear about 3/4 through the video, if you were curious, haha!


Directed by Jian C, with Greg S and Daniel S
Cinematography by Jian C, Daniel S, Greg S

Starring Greg K as Batman-Onesie Kid

“To be in Med School” (Little Mermaid Parody)
– Performed by Marya N
– Lyrics by Craig K

“I Just Can’t Wait to Be in Med” (Lion King Parody)
– Performed by Madura S & Brittney K
– Lyrics by Craig K

“A Whole New World” (Aladdin Parody)
– Performed by Jian C & Shayna M
– Lyrics by Jian C

“I’ll Make a Med Out of You” (Mulan Parody)
– Performed by Joel B, Chris N, Michael W, Susie L, Alex C, Veronica M
– Lyrics by Brittney KC

Choreography by Kristyn K, Madura S, Tania P, Jian C
Props created by Michelle D

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