Mirrorless vs iPhone: camera comparison test vs Sony A7iii in 4K

Mirrorless vs iPhone: camera comparison test vs Sony A7iii in 4K

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Should you buy a DSLR? In this video we’ll be covering,

1- The extras. DSLRs are more time and money expensive. Learn to use. Carry around. Lenses. Storage.
2- Comparing DSLR and iPhone photos. A7iii vs Sony Alpha NEX and iPhone X.
3- Is it worth it? Depends. Depends on what you do. Depends on how much time you can dedicate to a photo.

So I’m flying to NY this weekend shooting a new commercial for Slidebean: a great opportunity to talk about point 1: the Extras! The burden that it is to go DSLR, vs iPhone.

What do I mean by extras:
– I am carrying this backpack with mostly camera gear.
– Why not a smaller bag? The value of carrying a DSLR is increased by having a tripod, lenses, filters and in case of video, a gimbal.
– Do you have to? No. You can have a small pouch just with your camera, but then again, you’ll be limited on what you can do.
– Another set of extras is storage and software
– If you are using a DSLR, you should be shooting on RAW. A raw file captures so much more information from a photo, it lets you do fantastic edits impossible with a JPG.
– Those edits, however, take time. Which you have to budget too. Time to learn how to use it, and Time after your trip or party to edit those photos.
– You’ll have people asking, where are the trip photos.
– If you own a Mac, your free Photos app will support RAW editing, (go watch that video) but otherwise you’ll probably need to go with Lightroom, which is $10/mo. Add that to your bill.
– What I’m saying is, if you are carrying your DSLR alone, just by itself…, you’ll be wasting the added value of the DSLR camera… and you could do just with the phone. Maybe. Maybe. We’ll find out in that photo shoot.

Rules for the photo comparison shoot:
– shooting RAW and JPG with both
– similar Iso, Aperture and shutter speed
– Using similar lenses (just bought a new macro, but that would be cheating)

At a first glance- honestly, the iPhone holds up pretty well. If you want pro photos, yes. There are things a phone can’t do- like real smooth bokeh; or silky water or shooting the Milky Way. If you want that, you need a DSLR.

By the way- if you wonder how iPhone compares to other phones, check out my video on iPhone X vs Huawei Mate 20.

But if you are getting started, amateur, documenting your trip- there are fantastic things you can do with your iPhone.