Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry | Official Trailer | MasterClass

From the moment she stepped on the dance floor at age 13, Misty Copeland broke away from the norm. Three months later, the burgeoning ballerina was dancing en pointe. In just over a year, she was performing professionally, a nearly unfathomable accomplishment in the world of classical dance.

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Music and performing gave her a voice and helped her rise out of difficult circumstances. They also helped her create a platform to advocate for diversity and inclusion. Now, as the prestigious American Ballet Theatre’s first African American female principal dancer, she’s an inspiration around the world and a cultural icon. Through her MasterClass, the history-making ballerina is teaching you to develop a deeper appreciation for ballet and the liberating power of movement.

In Misty’s class, learn to embrace your own uniqueness and tell a story on stage through the universal language of dance. At the barre, Misty demonstrates her warm-up routine and buildable techniques, from pliés to ronds de jambe, and teaches you to focus on the quality of your moves over repetition. She also breaks down her Black Swan variation and Nutcracker performances and shares her approach to delivering powerful, dynamic performances. She’ll show you how she works with partners and with choreographers to create artistry on stage, how she embodies characters, and how you can bring emotion to life through authentic, organic dance and movement.

In this online class, you’ll learn about:
• Ballet positions
• Barre warm-ups and techniques
• Ballet moves, from pliés to ronds de jambe
• Diversity and inclusion in ballet
• Misty Copeland’s Black Swan variation and Nutcracker performances
• Balancing technique and artistry
• Stage presence
• Delivering dynamic performances
• Embodying characters
• Working with partners
• Collaborating with choreographers

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