MIXED MEDIA ART FOR BEGINNERS | AWESOME Acrylic Painting Ideas & SUPER EASY Background Techniques!!

MIXED MEDIA ART FOR BEGINNERS | AWESOME Acrylic Painting Ideas & SUPER EASY Background Techniques!!

Today, I’m teaching you my FAV techniques for adding acrylic paint to the collage layer of my mixed media art projects. To get started with this layer, I look to my collage papers for direction on how to choose a color palette, and select 3 colors.

At this stage of the game, I don’t have a big end result in mind and am typically still just having fun- playing with color, pulling out my stencils, stamps, and smearing paint with everything from a brayer to my finger. As you’ll see… I prefer to keep my background paints fairly transparent because I like to see my collage papers and patterns peeking through.

Since I usually love to draw and paint a female face in the foreground of my mixed media work, I tend to keep my background acrylics on the outer edges of my art journal page or canvas, and add them in one color at a time (drying each color with my hair dryer before starting the next).

I often lay down a thin layer of gesso wherever I plan to draw out what will become my next mixed media girl. Once she’s penciled in, I typically add another layer of gesso to her face, followed by skin tones. Then, I incorporate THE SAME three paint colors used in the background for features like eyes, lips, and hair.

Quick Tip: Keep the gesso nearby to paint over anything you don’t like!

Today’s vid will take you up to the “ugly stage” of my next mixed media girl (YES- we ALL have to go through this! Press play to see MINE!). And then next week I’ll be showing you how to power through.

Speaking of next week’s video in this series, there will be NEW CHEATSHEET about which mixed media art supplies play nicely together in Layer 3 of my “Hamburger” mixed media process.

Want to watch or re-watch the “Hamburger” Mixed Media Video Series? Click this link to access the YouTube Official Playlist for these videos 👉

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💜Supply List to Products Used:

👉Canson Art Boards

👉White Gesso

👉Matte Medium

👉Lukas Cryl Naples Yellow

👉Lukas Cryl Magenta Red

👉Lukas Cryl Brown Ochre

👉Lukas Cryl Flesh Colour

👉Lukas Cryl Chrome Green Light

👉Lukas Cryl Rose

👉Lukas Cryl Apricot

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