Movie critic’s take on stunning Oscar success of ‘Parasite’

Movie critic’s take on stunning Oscar success of ‘Parasite’

영화 비평가들이 ‘기생충의 놀라운 성공을 점치고 있다.

Let’s get a critic’s view on the astonishing success of ‘Parasite’ at the Academy Awards from Pierce Con-ran, a film critic based (mostly) in Seoul and a strong supporter of South Korean cinema.
He kindly agreed to join us on Skype this morning to share his thoughts.

1. You must’ve been up late celebrating ‘Parasite’ winning a remarkable four out of its six nominations including the two big ones – ‘Best Director and Best Picture – were you surprised it did so well? Especially considering the movie… and Bong Joon-ho… were facing stiff competition in BOTH those categories.
2. In his acceptance speech for Best Director, Bong paid tribute to his fellow nominees legends like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and said he’d like to share the Oscar with the other four nominees. Bong is now in the big leagues, no doubt. In your view, how does Bong measure up to genius film-makers like Martin Scorsese and Tarantino?
3. How much stock do you put in ‘Parasite’ being the first South Korean film to win an Oscar let alone four. It will do wonders for the film’s box office takings, but when you look at Korean cinema right now, do you see anyone else aside from Bong who has the ability to captivate global audiences like they have been with ‘Parasite’?
4. Finally, Hollywood executives are going to be swirling around Bong more than ever now. What do you think his next step should be? He has ventured into Hollywood-style movies in the past with Snowpiercer and Okja, but his global success came with ‘Parasite’. Would you suggest he shun the big Hollywood offers that’ll be coming his way… and stick to making Korean films?
Ok, Pierce. We’ll let you get some rest. I assume you are going to be swamped with people wanting to talk to you over the next few days. Thanks for joining us.

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