Movie Of The Year Nominees—2020 Snowboarder Awards

Movie Of The Year Nominees—2020 Snowboarder Awards

We will be dropping the nominees for each category over the next week, leading up to the first annual SNOWBOARDER AWARDS. The winner of each category will be announced during the first annual award show at Copper Mountain on Feb. 6, 2020 (while the Dew Tour is in town). With +350 past, present and future pro riders casting their votes for the individuals and projects that most influenced our culture this past year culminating into one big night, it is poised to be quite the party (FREE TO THE PUBLIC!). Feel free to come join us in celebrating the winners, as well as the top nominees (listed below).

It’s hard to keep anything that happens in a given season a secret nowadays. Instagram’s ubiquitous and most everyone has a 4k camera in their jacket pocket. Followers are used to the constant updates that are at odds with the pre-social media anticipation that would follow a film crew over the course of a season in the early aughts, expectation loading up until the movies shipped to shops. It’s rare to feel that today and so when a video does elicit that excitement, it’s all the more special. Joy did just that. Rumors of an epic session at Chad’s Gap started floating around nearly as soon as Sage Kotsenburg touched down on the landing of the iconic spot. But leaks there were not. It wasn’t until the labor of love premiered in Hollywood that the greater snowboarding populous laid eyes on what Sage, Red Gerard, Ben Ferguson, and friends had done over the season that the secret was out.

When tallying the votes for 2020 Movie of the Year, it’s no surprise that Mathematics is involved. For two decades, Travis Rice has had his sights set squarely on this are of Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range. In his previous mind melting movies, the right timing and conditions had eluded him, but in the winter of 2019, everything lined up. With German big mountain maestro, Elias Elhardt and cinematographer Curt Morgan at his sides, Travis returned to AK to finally drop into faces he had been studying for years, ready to finally reap the rewards of his patience. The result is Dark Matter, a twenty-minute feature that showcases the most technical freeriding done to date.

If one of the most revered qualities of a snowboarding video is that it makes you want to go snowboard, then Suzy Greenberg is undoubtedly one of the best videos in a very long time, maybe ever. The brainchild of Scott Stevens, created with Jesse Burtner and filmer Garrett Read, Suzy Greenberg is a 100% honest look at snowboarding and the inherent reasons we continue to strap in each season. And that’s no small feat. While it’s easy for all of us to identify the sparks that keep us making turns year in and year out, it’s definitely an undertaking to portray that on screen in a genuine way. Scott’s dedication to snowboarding itself, combined with his unequivocal knowledge of its history, movies, and media provides an uncommon POV, and when this collided with the unbridled, out-of-the-box Burtner creativity and Garrett’s dedication to getting the shots that the crew wanted, a archetypical snowboarder’s snowboarding movie was created.

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