Muslim questions a Sikh – Dawah Man VS Basics of Sikhi

Muslim questions a Sikh – Dawah Man VS Basics of Sikhi

Basics of Sikhi organised the Urban Turban Sikhi Awareness event in Hounslow. Imran Ibn Mansur Khan (AKA Dawah Man) from Islam Hounslow approached us for a short Q&A. It lasted one hour and was filmed. Note, we were not looking to debate them and neither are we interested in criticising Islam or trying to point out flaws or even trying to prove Sikhi to them. Therefore, most of the conversation is revolved around the questions by Brother Imran (Dawah Man).

We thank him and the Islam Hounslow team for being very civil on the day. As Guruji teaches us, we are all human and should try and get along in spite of our differences, as the greater good lies in recognising our similarities. May Vaheguru/Allah help us all to have compassion in our hearts and to submit our ego to his will and call upon his Name. Vaheguru!

Here is a link to Guru Nanak Dev ji’s writings on Islam (for a Sikh, this is Gods own view on Islam)

Lets hope that the Islam Hounslow team may be true Muslims of this type. Vaheguru.
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