MYSTERY 1 – Carnival of Souls l Movie Marathon l FULL MOVIE l Horror Movies l Scary Movies

MYSTERY 1 – Carnival of Souls l Movie Marathon l FULL MOVIE l Horror Movies l Scary Movies


In Kansas, Mary Henry is riding in a car with two other young women when some men challenge them to a drag race. As they speed across a bridge, their car plunges into the river. The police spend hours dredging the murky, fast-running water without success. Mary miraculously surfaces, but she cannot remember how she survived.
Mary moves to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she has been hired as a church organist. While driving through the desert, Mary’s radio picks up strange organ music and she has visions of a ghoulish, pasty-faced figure (simply called “The Man” in dialogue). She glimpses a large, abandoned pavilion on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, which seems to beckon to her in the twilight. A gas station attendant tells her the pavilion was first a bathhouse, then a dance hall, and finally a carnival before it closed.

Carnival of Souls is a 1962 American independent horror film written, produced, and directed by Herk Harvey, and starring Candace Hilligoss. Its plot follows Mary Henry, a young woman whose life is disturbed after a car accident. She relocates to a new city, where she finds herself unable to assimilate with the locals, and becomes drawn to the pavilion of an abandoned carnival; director Harvey also appears in the film as a ghoulish stranger who stalks her throughout.
Filmed in Lawrence, Kansas and Salt Lake City, Carnival of Souls was shot on a budget of $33,000, and Harvey employed various guerrilla filmmaking techniques to finish the production. It was Harvey’s only feature film, and did not gain widespread attention when originally released as a double feature with The Devil’s Messenger in 1962.

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A great Mystery/Suspense movie to watch during a thunderstorm, or on Halloween night, see how others survive the night. Where they took shelter in an abandoned house? What scared them, a ghost, being alone, an outstretched arm, or the house itself. In a castle on the haunted hill or tormented at the Carnival. Watch some of the best Suspense movies again. Have a Mystery Marathon.

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Main Cast:

Candace Hilligoss as Mary Henry
Frances Feist as Mrs. Thomas
Sidney Berger as John Linden
Art Ellison as Minister
Stan Levitt as Dr. Samuels
Tom McGinnis as Organ factory boss
Forbes Caldwell as Organ factory worker
Dan Palmquist as Gas station attendant
Bill De Jarnette as Mechanic
Steve Boozer as Chip
Pamela Ballard as Dress saleslady
Herk Harvey as “The Man” (the main ghoul)

Produced in 1962 by Harcourt Productions and Herts-Lion International Corp. First showing September 26th in USA.

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Partial Description: Wikipedia contributors, “Carnival of Souls,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed October 26, 2019).
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