New How To Use Adobe After Effect CC 2017 Free For Life Time 2020

New How To Use Adobe After Effect CC 2017 Free For Life Time 2020


adobe after effect CC 2017 free 2020

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Adobe has introduced some great new colour correction tools, GPU accelerated effects, and general improvements all-round. All in all, After Effects provides a lot of new and highly useful features for visual effects professionals

Well, let’s start with the biggest and most important change: the introduction of Lumetri scopes. They reside in the After Effects Color workspace, and you have different waveforms and vectorscopes to choose from, depending on the calibration you’re intending to make.

Obviously these tools are designed to help you with colour correction, and the Effects Controls grant you access to a Colour Correction Lumetri, where all the parameters are at your disposal to create vibrant, colour-accurate versions of your original clips

What’s really important here is that this is all about video, not still images, and colour can and does change over time. Which is why these scopes offer real-time feedback (depending on your computer’s processing power). This is a really big step forward because up until recently, no Adobe tool had real-time scopes, but after a careful acquisition, the firm has improved the multi-scope technology it purchased, and moved it across the board, which means it’s also available in Premiere Pro.

Speaking of Premiere Pro, one of the most interesting developments is the Essential Graphics Panel. We explore how you can use and edit Motion Graphics Templates in our review of Premiere, but After Effects is obviously where those templates are actually created. There’s an Essential Graphics Panel here as well which is where you can build those complex template effects.

This is probably the biggest takeaway of this latest version of After Effects. Just like Premiere Pro, most of the changes have been made under the hood, and are all designed to help speed up your work by pushing everything – or as much as possible – out of the way of your creative process. As a result you will be able to produce better results in less time than before, and that in itself is really the best reason to upgrade.

Note that you cannot purchase After Effects as a standalone product. Rather, it has to be bought via the subscription model (as part of Creative Cloud), but the advantage here is you don’t have to think too long and hard about whether to upgrade or not. If you like what you see, upgrading is simply part of the monthly fee you pay Adobe for the use of its apps, and in the case of After Effects CC, the advantages to your workflow make this pretty much a no-brainer.
adobe after effect CC 2017 free 2020