non/disney cinematography mep || butterfly {volume 1}

non/disney cinematography mep || butterfly {volume 1}

It took a little while to get done, but this project was sooooooo worth it!! :3

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of an entire mep project ahhhhh!!
I am such a happy host 😀

I cannot thank all of you who took part in this enough for helping make this project possible :3

There may be a few weird glitches here and there due to the coloring going all haywire on me xD
I had to render the full mep multiple times and then piece it together in different sections to avoid blank screens that kept popping up randomly… but I might not have gotten them all :’)

The parts were too glorious for the poor coloring or something, I swear xD

But we hope you enjoy this project!! :3
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And be sure to watch the second volume here, featuring CGI/3D movies:


theme | cinematography in non/Disney 2D movies

1 || hiphonators3 {bambi}
2 || miss_confident {pocahontas}

3 || arisa yoshida {tangled before ever after}

4 || raimboweyes {beauty and the beast}

5 || xsmcx {mulan}

6 || xxamity0parkxx {treasure planet}
7 || missathena {the lion king}

8 || twentyonepianonotes {quest for camelot}

9 || ashery15 {anastasia}

10 || animagix101 {prince of egypt}

11 || xdivinememoriesx {the little mermaid}

12 || pavlovalia {spirit: stallion of the cimarron}

13 || nina pozzolini d’assumpção {wolf children}

14 || oncie punzie {atlantis: the lost empire}

15 || xmaddisaster {the princess and the frog}

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