NYFS 2018 Documentary

NYFS 2018 Documentary

The National Youth Film & Animation School (NYFS) provides industry standard film and animation training and production experience for young people who wish to develop their practice to a level sufficient for a college placement or career in animation or the audiovisual industry.

Project Timeline:
Nationwide Scriptwriting Competition. An open call for scripts as a scheme to encourage emerging young writers.
Master classes delivered by professionals give young people an insight into the workings of the creative industries.
Professional writer John Morton mentored the young writers through the creative process of writing a screenplay.

Film Workshops in the various art forms such as working collaboratively with actors, composition and camera techniques, lighting and sound.
Animation Workshops: (NEW IN 2018) Young people discover animation’s early beginnings; from optical toys, to hand-drawn animation and experimental stop-motion techniques. The students also learn about working as a team to create short animated narratives, allowing them to experience the collaborative nature of film-making.
Professional Artists deliver specialised workshops and students from the National Film School IADT mentor the participants.

NYFS Premiere: The short films and animations are screened in front of an industry audience, project partners, friends and family at IADT Dunlaoghaire.
Portfolio Workshops: IADT Students talk with NYFS participants about the portfolio process and what is expected of them for entry into film or animation college placement.
Film Festivals: NYFS short films have been shown in Berlin, Beijing, Seoul and Rome as well as here at home in Ireland at Cork Film Festival, Belfast and the Charlie Chaplin Film Festivals.


Film Making Techniques


Cinematography Definition

Cinematic Film Making Techniques