Oil Painting Studio Tour 2020

Oil Painting Studio Tour 2020

It’s my 2020 studio tour! Come take a look at where I create my oil paintings and YouTube videos. I take you around my studio and explain how I have everything set up. This includes lighting, palettes, paints, brushes, storage, etc. A painting studio is always an ongoing project so I thought I should document how it looked at the beginning of 2020. Enjoy!

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Linseed Oil Medium –
Oil Paint I recommend for beginners:
Titanium White
Cadmium Red Hue
Cadmium Lemon
French Ultramarine
Yellow Ochre
Cerulean blue
My easel –
Canvas Pad –
Best Brushes Ever!

Ring Light –
light above easel –

Hi, I am the son of two artists and began painting in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia before I could walk. I was a rare combination of artist and athlete so I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to play football for USC. I left the team my sophomore year to focus on painting and filmmaking, applying the same focus and discipline from my football career to my art. I primarily work in oils, and spend most free days painting “en plein air” in my new home of Sarasota Florida.

Where to find me:
Website: www.chrisfornataro.com

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