Oscar hopefuls anticipate Monday’s nominations at AARP Movie awards

Oscar hopefuls anticipate Monday’s nominations at AARP Movie awards

Some of 2020 awards season’s most familiar faces turned out on Saturday (January 11) for one of the lesser known but more popular shows, the AARP Movies for Grownups Awards.

Renee Zellweger, Laura Dern and Pedro Almodovar were some of the familiar faces at the event, which honored actress Annette Bening for her contribution to cinema.

“I’m thrilled,” Bening told Reuters, adding, “I wrote a speech, I spent a lot of time on it. I didn’t try it out on him (Warren Beatty). I’m still editing it in my head and I’m not quite sure which direction I’m going to go, but no. It’s a thrill. I love the AARP and I love what they stand for and their mission and what they do and what they fight for. It’s important in our country.”

Although the nominees at the event were similar to those at the other Hollywood award shows, all attention was heading to Monday (January 13) morning when the coveted Oscar nominations will be announced.

Pedro Almodovar said “I think I’ll be at that time in London, waiting and watching the mobile to see. I will be very nervous, of course, but if I’m not one of the nominees, life keeps on and so I forget in five minutes.”

While ‘The Farewell’ director Lulu Wang said she was going to sleep in during the announcements in the early morning, 10-time nominee Diane Warren said “I stay up, literally. I love it when people go ‘oh yeah, I fell asleep and my manager…’ Yeah, really. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe you went to sleep. I don’t, so I admit I stay up all night.”

Adam Sandler, who could possibly get a nomination for his role in ‘Uncut Gems’ said “I haven’t thought of it. I’ve blocked it out. I’m happy already. I don’t want that to have to affect my life. I think we made a good movie and I’m proud of that and whatever it’s going to be ok.”

Noah Baumach said that he and his wife, ‘Little Women”s director Greta Gerwig, would be up anyway because of their 9 month old baby and said “I’ll smile” if he got a nomination.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who is in the ensemble whodunnit ‘Knives Out’, jokingly said “Oh my god. Are you kidding? I’m going to feed the dog. I’m going to make a nice latte and I’m going to get on with my life. Oh please. Oh please. I’m not that girl. I am not that girl.”