EPIC Vol Biv Paragliding! What’s paragliding ultimate overnight adventure? Paragliding Equipment & review & tips!

In todays video we are going on hike and fly paragliding adventure. Also known as vol biv paragliding, paragliding bivi, vol bivouac paragliding, bivouac paragliding and so on.

First we’ll start with vol biv packing up 🙂 Quick overview on one type of paragliding equipment that we need. While there is many different possibilities for hike and fly vol biv paragliding in this one we are covering one day overnight on mountain.

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Hike and fly paragliding gear / equipment should be as light as possible or as efficient as possible for conditions you go to! One of the reasons is that when you’re going on vol biv pargliding adventure you have a lot of other gear and if you pick up big cross country paragliding harness and heavy’ll probably end up with way to heavy backpack!

What I mostly use for hike and fly paragliding expeditions is light kimfly split leg paragliding harness or swing brave 4 with wings like Littlecloud GT or EZ.

Hike and fly vol bivouac paragliding or vol biv paragliding tips:

Tip 1 Plan your vol biv paragliding adventure & optimise equipment.
Tip 2 Weather is your best friend!
Tip 3 Stay off the ground!

Details in the video 🙂

My favourite vol biv tent is Salewa denali! With combination of also salewa sleping bags.

Hike and fly with overnight stay on the mountain. Mountain overnight stay is always exciting! What an adventure!

Paragliding gear we are using in the video above:
parapente miniwing LittleCloud EZ
parapente paraglider LittleCloud GT
Hike and fly paragliding harnessLittleCloud Turtle Harness
hike and fly paragliding harness Swing Brave 4 Harness

Find out more about littlecloud here:

Cinematography & filmmaking aljaz salkic

What camera gear am I using?
Lumix GH5
Rode VideoMic Pro +
GoPro Hero 7 Black
GoPro Fusion 360 camera
SkyBean ChaseCam / FollowCam
GoPro Extension Pole

Pilot & camera aljaz salkic & valerija padjen

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