Patrick Lawler | Director, Cinematographer, VFX Supervisor | DEMO REEL

Patrick Lawler | Director, Cinematographer, VFX Supervisor | DEMO REEL

Since my last reel update three years ago I’ve had the opportunity to work on some absolutely incredible projects with some incredible people! It’s always a humbling experience to rewatch my older reels and compare them to where I am today.

Since my last reel I’ve traveled to some of the most stunning parts of the earth, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the largest musical acts of all time, I worked with the Bolt Arm, I learned advanced DMX and virtual light programming, I worked on my first legitimate feature film, I hung out of more helicopters, and met so many inspiring people along the way!

I started a production company with my friends Derek Maher and Scott Bell called DECA Creative, where I am the creative director overseeing all production creative, whether that be Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects, or often times… all of them at once!

I VFX supervised my first feature film titled “The Wave” produced by EchoWolf Productions, starring Justin Long and Donald Faison, with Director Gille Klabin, and cinematographer Aaron Grasso. Gille and I spent three months creating earthereal worlds and intense psychadelic transitions for this film. I’m the most proud of the matte painting I did for the background of the White Sands scene. We created the slow motion unfolding car shot with help from 3D artist Sebastian Brown. This was one of the most inspiring projects I’ve ever worked on and I can’t wait for the release!

I was the cinematographer for every shot you see here minus the four shots from “the Wave” feature film shot by Aaron Grasso. I was the VFX supervisor for every shot, I personally had a hand and days behind a computer for every single frame you see. I directed about 80% of the projects you see here. I often love collaborating with other multi-faceted directors as a co-director or just a cinematographer/editor/VFX artist. I am honored to share credit with those creatives here: Gille Klabin, Ryan Valdez, Joseph Olesh, Cameron Alexander, Adrian Actually, Jason Roberts, Dan Dobi, Frankie Nasso.

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