Photography On Location: The Laundromat

Photography On Location: The Laundromat

Well, ladies and gentleman, this “Photography On Location” video certainly takes the record for the longest production time yet. It was a doozy!

In this outing I finally create a photo that I’ve envisioned for years. A local laundromat in Laguna Beach, California always caught my eye when I drove past. It’s got character, it’s got style, it’s got vibes, and it was just begging to be photographed on 6×17 at dawn.

With my trusty Shen-Hao TFC 617-A and a couple rolls of Kodak Portra 160 film, I set out to make something nice. Something that captured this lovely building in all its glory. There were no shortage of challenges, but I sure as heckfire wasn’t going to give up on it. This building deserved to be photographed properly.

As most photoshoots go, things didn’t come together perfectly in every way. Timing was tricky, the weather wasn’t always cooperative, and there were plenty of variables completely outside my control. But hey, that’s photography for ya. If things went perfectly every time, photography would be pretty boring. Am I right or am I right? Or am I right?

And quick side note: I recently released an online course all about manual metering for film photography. The course includes 10 in-the-field demonstrations. This very laundromat happens to be the subject of one of the live metering demonstrations. If you’re interested in checking out the course, visit

Okay, campers, enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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