Power of Bounce Light Bundle Teaser

Power of Bounce Light Bundle Teaser

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This bundle contains 6 articles, 2 hours of video content, and 22 different types of bounce material.

Power of Bounce Light Part 1: Tips to Make You More Confident on Lighting Your Creations (Total run time 26:00)
Power of Bounce Light Part 2: How Light Quality Changes Your Mood and Tone (Total run time 23:38)
Power of Bounce Light Part 3: Understanding How to Match Your Practical Light with Colored Bounce Sources (Total run time 11:57)
Power of Bounce Light Part 4: Intensifying Your Bounce Source to Create a Hyper White Look (Total run time 18:54)
Power of Bounce Light Part 5: How to Use Reflective Light Sources to Enhance a Mood (Total run time 19:37)
Power of Bounce Light Part 6: Color of Bounce Light “GOLD” (Total run time 15:30)
Total Value $120

One of the most powerful qualities of light is the bounce light. It is very misunderstood and way under used. It is my number one choice for all key lights, room ambiance light and fill light sources. I wanted to break it down for you so all of you can understand the strengths of this light source and then be able to utilize it to assist in your storytelling process. Once you see how each bounce has a very specific quality, I will go into how to control this source with flags and DIY solutions, covering 22 different bounce materials to enhance your lighting confidence.

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