Rainforest Filmmaking Gear – What to Bring

Rainforest Filmmaking Gear – What to Bring

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If you’re going to film in the rainforest, it’s hot and humid, and you can’t get everything you need at the local Best Buy. Here is what I bring when I go to the rainforest.

Audio Gear:

My On-camera Shure Lenshopper mic:

My Sony Lav UWPV1:

Zoom H4n
Backup Lav

Canon 16-35mm Lens
Canon 24-105 Lens
Canon 15mm
Canon 50mm macro

Fancy Stuff:
xcam steadycam

Manfrotto Tripod Legs with 501 head

9 Batteries
Lots of AA batteries
AAA batteries for my headlamps

Rain covers
Rain Poncho/Jackets

A nice bag

A backup Camera if you can.

2 chargers / extension cords

Night LED light

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Our GEAR ————
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Our Mega Wide Lens –
Our BEST On-camera Mic –
The Drone –
My Moving Timelapse setup –
GoPro HERO 7 –
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