“Ratanpur gujarati movie”|| new film || GR Digital

“Ratanpur gujarati movie”|| new film || GR Digital

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“Ratanpur gujarati movie”|| new film || GR Digital

Directed by Vipul Sharma
Produced by M.S. Jolly
Yogesh Pareek
Written by Shailesh Dodia
Starring Tushar Sadhu
Haresh Dagia
Uday Dangar
Vishal Vaishya
Jimmy Nanda
Music by Jatin-Pratik
Cinematography Prashant Gohel
Roopang Acharya
Edited by Roopang Acharya

Prolife Entertainment
Release date 16 March 2018

Running time
131 minutes
Country India
Language Gujarati


Kem Chho Mitro, Swagat Chhe tamaru amari channel Film Review Gujarati par.

namami devi Narmada,
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Reva is one of the finest movies I have seen!. I never imagined a Gujarati movies could be made so well. The storyline is brilliant, the cinematography is fabulous, dialogues are fantastic, the best music and songs are extraordinary especially the sangeet jalso song are my favorite. It is an addictive movie and is the only movie I have seen twice in the theatre in my life. The ultimate message of the role of “shraddha” in life is just too well portrayed. I wish the entire team Best wishes that they earn the well-deserved recognition and awards for this masterpiece. I highly recommend this movie to the Gujarati audience which believes it is our responsibility to preserve our heritage. Congratulations Reva team once agains.
Once again Gujarati Cinema is proving that it is nowhere less than Regular Hindi cinema. In fact, from the last 2-3 years, Some Gujarati movie is far better in the story, direction and yes our mother language feeling. After Love ni Bhavai, this will be the next movie to watch in Gujarati. If people accept it then it will also become “Lambi race ka Ghoda”. The movie is very beautiful and the subject is completely different. the main hero of the movie is its story which binds you till the end. Location is superb and the highlight of the movie is its different characters. After watching a movie, you would like to see the real world in a positive way. and surrounding sounds feeI, i want to congratulate the entire team of this movie to come up with such a nice entertaining movie with a good message.
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A 25-year-old Indian man who is brought up in the U.S. visits an ashram near the Narmada River in Gujarat,India to take his will. During his stay,he meets the locals and tries to understand the culture, customs, traditions, and beliefs of the people, which are starkly different from the place where he was raised. After staying for about 20 days near the ashram, he gets his will but in a twist of fate he comes to know the bitter truth of his existence and he gives up the will and starts his parikrama of the Narmada, #narmada ma related #movies. new gujarati movies,save the rever.