Sailing With Osmosis Ep1 (Season 2)

Sailing With Osmosis Ep1 (Season 2)

Our sailing boat gets lifted out and for the first time ever we get to see the true extent of our hulls osmosis damage.

Being new to sail boat ownership and well, just sailing in general, we were super nervous when it came time to actually get her out of the water. We’ve heard everything from this will sink your boat if you don’t get it sorted soon, to you may as well scrap the boat, to others saying it’s not all doom and gloom.

Take a look with us as we see the extent of the boats damage and if our plans are now derailed.

Be sure to check out the awesome sailing channel ‘Sail Life’ here: where Mads is currently doing up exactly the same model of boat as ours and makes amazing videos details his hard work and amazing progress.

**********Our Updated Filming Kit for 2020!!*************

In an attempt to make sharing our journey more pleasurable to both film and (hopefully) for friends, family and well, just anyone who wants to watch, we have upgraded our old filming gear, which to be fair was really basic, mostly an iPhone 6, plus a cheap point and shoot camera. Oh yeah and the drone, the drone was always awesome, come to think of it 🙂

New Kit List:

Canon EOS 90D (DSLR Vlogging Camera):
DJI Ronin SC (Stabalising Gimbal for Camera):
Go Pro Hero 8 Black (action camera):
Mavic 2 Zoom (Drone):
Feiyu G6 (handheld go pro gimbal):

If you are thinking of buying any of this kit and then do so through these links then that will help support Hanks red meat habit. 🙂

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