Scientist fact-checks The Game Changers Documentary

Scientist fact-checks The Game Changers Documentary

The Game Changers is James Cameron’s latest documentary, focusing on plant-based diets. The Game Changers became the focus of controversy before it even came out but few reviews have tried to unbiasedly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses so le’ts put ideology aside and fact-check The Game Changers!!

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Gladiator forensics:

Diet and endothelial function:

Diet, blood lipids and erectile dysfunction:

Processed plants and animal foods not as healthy as whole plants:

Diet and environmental impact:

Rapid effect of diet on serum cholesterol levels:

the game changers dropped on Netflix few days ago and everyone’s talking about it

So this is the new big documentary on diet and its produced by James Cameron

animal protein comes with cholesterol and SFA, but also with pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant molecules like heme iron, Neu5Gc and production of TMAO. All things we want to minimize.

animal products have a much bigger footprint as far as water and land use and GHG emissions. Which seems intuitive

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