SD Cards for DSLR Video – Prevent Your Card from Auto Stopping

SD Cards for DSLR Video – Prevent Your Card from Auto Stopping

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Does your video stop recording after a few minutes or even seconds? You probably have the wrong SD card or it needs to be reformatted.

You can’t record HD video on your DSLR without the right SD card. Whichever brand you chose, Transcend, SanDisk, Lexar, or any other, no matter the brand you need to pay attention to its speed. For HD video with a DSLR you need class 6 or higher card. I like to use class 10 cards as they seem to be the best balance between price and speed. But you can record video on your DSLR camera with a card as low as class 6. The class is noted on each card with a letter C surrounding the number that represents that card’s class rating.

**My recommendation is to buy Class 10 cards with the UHS1 designation (45MB/s) for best results (see the SanDisk listed below as an example).**

If you have the correct SD card class/speed but your video still stops recording, you likely need to reformat the card. Remove any media you have stored on the card (back it up to your computer) then insert the card into the camera and use the menu option for “format.” Reminder: This WILL erase everything on your card so please remember to back-up your video first.

I have found these two steps resolve most of the problems I see related to someone’s camera stopping the recording after only a few seconds.

Something to keep in mind, you can buy any size card you want with 4gb’s being a minimum but it will not matter if you have a 16, 64, or even 100 GB card, the amount of time you can record any single video clip is limited by your camera. This is not a function of the card. In most cases, a Canon DSLR will allow you to only record approximately 12 minutes for any single clip on cameras below the 5D markIII (most of the Rebel line and the 60D) or cameras made before 2012. The T4i allows you to record up to approximately 24 minutes on a single video clip.

Once you hit your camera’s limit, the video will stop recording and you’ll need to press the record button again. Please see my video that explains this in detail:

Gear used in the making of this video:

Transcend SD card 16GB Class 10
SanDisk SD card 16GB Class 10
Canon 60D
Canon Normal EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 – 4.5 Lens (mounted to the 60D) (discontinued)
Here’s a substitute for above:
Manfrotto 701 HDV Tripod
Rode VideoMic Pro
Sennheiser ew100 G2 Wireless Lapel Microphone
Zoom H4N
Canon T2i
Sigma 30mm 1.4
Manfrotto 561-BHDV Monopod v