Shots & Cuts | Filmmaking Techniques

Shots & Cuts | Filmmaking Techniques

If you like making videos, or any sort of films, watch this video. Based off of absolutely nothing, this film takes you into the world of film making and the certain shots that are seen throughout big motion pictures, small motion pictures, and home videos in general. With grade A acting being portrayed throughout(obviously I’m joking, acting wasn’t a requirement but it was fun so i decided to carry it throughout the video), watch, comment, like, and subscribe. Hopefully I get an A on this. Also, please enjoy. #laugh
Filmed, Edited, Directed…basically everything in this entire video was done by: Zach Blackburn
Actors/Characters: Ego (shirt and tie guy) – played by Zach Blackburn
Zach Blackburn -played by himself
Edited using Sony Vegas Pro 12.
The shots that were required for the film + the extra credit shots I included.

-Establishing shot
-Creative Geography
-Shot/Reverse Shot
-Match-on-Action Cut
-Eyeline Match Cut

-High-angle Shot
-Low-angle Shot
-Oblique angle Shot
-Tracking Shot
Point of View Shot

EXTRA-CREDIT shots and Cuts (3 points each): Red Text
-Example of Low Key Lighting
-Graphic Match Cut
-Dolly in and out (you must show on-screen the dolly and then use it)
-Dolly Zoom

Songs: Killcrew-Chillstep Remix
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