Social Security – Reed Short Film Awards 2011 – Best Animation

Social Security – Reed Short Film Awards 2011 – Best Animation


Whilst searching for work online, I discovered the Short Film Competition 2011. Social Security was born from a ‘seize the opportunity’ moment. For years I have had many creative ideas but, for various reasons, never really actioned them. Then, at the end of 2010, I had was presented with an opportunity, I became unemployed.


With the ‘Mondays’ theme in mind I sat down at my desk and visualised a multitude of possible film scenarios, but with each one came the realisation that I had neither the means, nor the abilities, to achieve such grand ideas. Then I had an epiphany. Keep it original. Keep it simple. I flipped my thinking on its head and looked at what skills and materials I had to work with. I had myself, a desk full of office supplies and a compact digital camera. I picked up a paper clip and, whilst looking at it in my hand, realised a personality could be applied to it. Within an instant I said to the paper clip “You work in Data Security, don’t you!” The story for the film quickly took shape after this.

Last word

I am glad I took the time out to watch the finalists from the 2010 shortlist, as I quickly became inspired to produce an entry for the 2011 competition.


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