Sound for Video Session: Q&A

Sound for Video Session: Q&A

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In this week’s Sound for Video Session, I make my best effort to answer your sound related questions:

0:11 Which loudness target (LUFS) should I aim for when posting videos online?
2:24 Which Izotope RX plugins do you use most? I’m hoping to buy one of the less expensive options if it contains most of what you use.
11:56 How do I provide a director with a feed of the audio or do a “wireless hop” to a camera?
12:53 When recording sound effects, where should the peaks hit on my meter (Sound Devices 633 in this case)
14:28 Sound Devices MixPre questions – pre and post fader metering, gain staging for loud environments, setting camera levels using tone?
17:00 Advice on how to sync sound for a documentary project?
24:18 Should I position my speakers/monitors above my computer screens since I have 3 of them?
26:06 The recording clipped on my Zoom H1. What happened?
29:27 Liability insurance for location sound freelancers?
31:02 How do you round-trip audio from FCPX to Audition?
34:01 Sound Devices MixPre – How to configure it as an audio interface with a computer and with my iPhone?
37:45 Which blimp cover/shockmount do you use and what is your advice for combating distracting ambient sound?
44:35 ** non-sound related question, but interesting nevertheless: How do you avoid looking like a jittery, stuttering nervous wreck on camera?

Gear and links discussed in this episode:

Sound Devices 633 Audio Mixer/Recorder

Sound Devices MixPre-6 Audio Field Recorder Review

Sound Devices MixPre-10T Audio Field Recorder Review

Zoom H1n

XtoCC (app to help get audio from Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Audition)

Rycote Modular Windshield with Windjammer (original style) Review:

Rycote Cyclone Windshield and Shockmount

RODE Blimp Windshield and Shockmount

Sound Devices ASIO Driver for MixPre Series Recorders for Windows:

Tentacle Sync E Review and Timecode Demo:

PluralEyes Audio Sync Software

Syncaila Audio Sync Software

Wireless Hop with Sennheiser G3 (Gregg Palmer):

Wireless Headphone Feeds (Comtek):

Izotope RX Elements

Izotope RX Standard

Izotope RX Advanced

Outro music licensed from Artlist: Keep an Eye by Back to Dream. Artlist provides high quality music tracks for your film and video projects. You can receive two months off an Artlist account by using our link:

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