The Anatomy of AMV Flow

The Anatomy of AMV Flow

The Anatomy of AMV Flow
In this anime editing/amv sony vegas/after effects tutorial, I talk about amv flow.
After over a month of planning,researching,shooting,editing and countless revisions later, I’m stoked to announce the release of the much awaited guide on AMV Flow🌊 We’ll dive into the anatomy of what makes an edit flow,common tools/tips/tricks/techniques which editors often implement to achieve flow and lastly I’ll show you how a scene is broken down and analysed while implementing all of the above. Thank you for the tremendous love and support you showed on my last video❤️
We are so close to hitting 70k subs!⚡

⚠️DISCLAIMER- The following are my personal views on the topic in discussion and how I interpret it.Some of the techniques showcased in the tutorial are subjective and may not work for everyone.Watch the video with an open mind and use the tips/techniques wisely.The information given out may not be 100% concrete and is subject to change with time as editing evolves.

What is flow? 01:09
Scene Selection 01:27
Flow Characteristics 01:50
Structure 02:16
Camera Motion 02:36
Nature of Motion 03:05
Tips & Techniques 04:13
Example 1 04:50
Example 2 07:45
Example 3 10:23
⚡️R E S O U R C E S
►Squash/Stretch Transition-
►How to convert raw anime-
►Download raw anime-
►Twixtor Time-Remapping 101-
►VHS Effect/Look-
►Complete AMV Guide (2 hours)-
⚡️Good edits which are flow centered you ought to check out to improve your understanding of the subject↓
CULTURE | Inspired Island-
Natural | S.Yushan-
Still Alive | Ku0zenkai-
Supposed to do | JGZ Amv-
Elder Goose | Kanta-
KKONTEST 2018 | kkbialaa-
Rock-a-bye | Alon-
►Handy Tools/Tricks/Techniques/FX to tie and flow anime scenes together
Straight cuts
Gaussian Blur/Motion Blur
Reversing clips
Flipping clips
Twixtor Time-Remapping
★Want to edit like Pro? Check out Pro’s official presets↓

►Download Vegas Mega Transitions & Effects Pack –
►Download Sony Vegas All-In-One Preset Pack (Save $50)-
►Download Vegas Mini Transitions & Effects Pack-
►Vegas Pro Mini Shakes Pack-
►Download Mega Color-Correction Pack-
►Download Presets-
Got any tutorial requests? let me know in the comments.
►About Pro
Pro Edits is a 19 year old, editing enthusiast who started this channel to help aspiring editors hone their editing skills and go next level.There were no relevant,authentic tutorial makers on You Tube back then which gave birth to this channel dedicated to helping editors out of their lifelong misery.You can expect to find a prolific collection of Sony Vegas & After Effects Tutorials mixed in with some editing related drama on this channel.Driven by a strong work ethic,expect only the highest quality content since Pro doesn’t likes cutting corners and taking the easy route in his work and life.Subscribe to step up your editing game!
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The Anatomy of AMV Flow


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