The Cinematography of SVR WARS (STAR WARS Fan Film)

The Cinematography of SVR WARS (STAR WARS Fan Film)

“SVR WARS” Is a Star Wars themed commercial I created for the Calgary International Film Festival and long-time client “Scott Venturo Rudakoff”. Every year we create some pretty goofy and fun projects, and “SVR WARS” is no exception.

This is the first episiode of the “SVR WARS Breakdown” series. Today we’re covering Cinematography and jumping in to the camera gear, and lighting setups of the commercial. Later on in the series we’ll jump in to the VFX, Fight Choreography, Props, and Costumes all throughout December, so make sure you’re subscribed with notifications turned on!

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SVR WARS gear list *these are NOT affiliate links*:
Camera gear:
– Sony FS5ii Camcorder:
– Atomos Shogun Inferno:
– Ziss CP.2 Lens Set:
– Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus:
– Paralinx Arrow Wireless Video:
– Atomos Power Station:
– Smallrig (All camera hardware):

Lighting equipment:
– Aputure 300D LED Light:
– Aputure 120Dii LED Light:
– 2′ Quazar Tubes:
– Strobepro 60″ Octagonal Softbox:
– Blue Gels:
– Various grip gear, c-stands, flags, e.t.c.

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