The First 9 Months: First Year Teacher Full Documentary

The First 9 Months: First Year Teacher Full Documentary

Five first-year teachers document the challenges and triumphs of their first 9 months in the classroom. Using camcorders, they recorded their lives in and outside the classroom, allowing us to experience teaching from the teacher’s point of view. “The First 9 Months” is part of the Kansas State University College of Education’s “A Walk in My Shoes” series.

Music Licensed from Firstcom & The Musicbed:
Feel Something | De Le Mer
Driving Along | Kallins Nicozisis
Mellow Drive | Driscoli Flores Hunter Jr. Slott
Fluid Time |Kingswood
Simple Words | De Le Mer Dotcom
Silver Lining | Lethbridge
Autumn Leaves | Nordenstrom
True Stories | Morris Akerbiad
Dreaming Of You | Delves Moran
Curiosity |Cocks
Give me Love | Delves Moran
Something About You | Delves Moran
Drop in the Bucket | Perry
Dream As I May | Elias Trevino
Warm Landscapes Cotton | Niblett
Hopeful Hearts | Doddy Elias
Morning Commute | Unwin
Escaping The Routine | Unwin
I Wouldn’t Like Me At All | Delves Moran
Going Home Today | Flores Hunter Jr Slott Somaru
Silent Happiness | Britton
Natural Light | Elias Trevino
Bright Morning Sun | Roslyn
Simple Words | De Le Mer Dotcom
Product Placement | Kallins Minucci
The Best Days | Mario Weniger
Pathways | De Le Mer Dotcom
Slow River | Baldry Kane
Everyday People |Unwin
Red Ballon | Hatwell Lane
Own Devices| Delves Moran
Pathways | De La Mer
Your Song | Cocks
In the Right Place | Elias Trevino
Let the Sun Shine | Dowd Holborn
Baby Steps | Elias Trevino
Back Home | Chad Lawson
Holy Water | Perry


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