The Junk Refunk with Momma: Come to the Town Square Yard Sale with Us!

The Junk Refunk with Momma: Come to the Town Square Yard Sale with Us!

Mom’s been feeling pretty chipper lately. She was off chemo for two weeks so she could go to her high school reunion, which means she can walk more than she has been able to for about a month. So, we grabbed her walker instead of the wheel chair and headed down town to see if our town actually holds an event when they say they are going to! (If you didn’t see our garage sale video from yesterday…don’t watch it, the camera angles are terrible, but we went to a “Town Wide” yard sale and found about six sales with one or two tables each. )

Mom’s in her third round of cancer, and this time it’s everywhere cancer. There are a lot of things we would be/wanted to be doing together when the parents were able to move out to the farm with me, but just after they sold their house in town, mom’s lungs collapsed and that’s how we found out her cancer was back, was stage four, and was everywhere. That was about three years ago now, and my mom’s both stubborn and hardcore, so whenever the doctors tell her that her time is up…she sets a goal to get something else done.

Right now her goal is to help me build a reselling business. As you can see in this video, I may spend more time wrangling mom than looking at things to resell, but with the higher prices at this kind of event, I don’t think I missed too much. Mom had a great time, and that’s really all that matters. (I’m still working on filming with my iphone without being a creeper/dropping things in the process.)

Over our two days of yard and garage sales, we did find a few treasures to resell and a few treasures to keep. I hope you will come back on Saturday to check out our collective haul and see what my favorite find is. Comps are anywhere from 50.00 – 100.00 for my favorite .50 cent find.

Thanks so much for coming on over to check out these first videos with Momma. She’s so darn excited to be a part of something I’m doing again as I haven’t really lived this close (and I mean THIS close) for a long time. I won’t tell her that my camera work was so terrible that I’m likely to lose subscribers *grin.*

As always, if you see something I should have stopped and looked at more closely or something I should have grabbed, let me know down in the comments so I can learn more about what I should pick up when I’m out and about. Hard goods for reselling are totally new to me. I know what decor I like and have a general idea of collectibles, but there is SO much to learn.

I hope all is well with you. I really appreciate your support as I try this crazy new thing I’m doing!

Much love,

Amy, the Rainy Day Shopper

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