The Untold Page of Life – The Storyline E01S01 a Cinematic Storytelling.

The Untold Page of Life – The Storyline E01S01 a Cinematic Storytelling.

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But Now
Lemme Tell you a story 🙂

A story about our lives , Life does not have background music but this digital medium does have it. Well where words fails music speaks the whole story

So I Believe that we are all the actors in the stage of life but just that in the script of the life we have some pages left blank to make it totally our own set. Inspite of having whatever we have we still feel we miss out on something and we just go one faking our own self

In the daily hustle we tend to involve in the life process and slowly forget the real value of our life and just continue with the flow. Although It’s sometimes good to go with the flow but in reality that very flow detaches our true self.

If we all sit in silence for a while and try to discover ourselves I am pretty sure everyone will find that one thing they loved to do the most but they left that in the process.

What is that life where we just follow the destiny and not what we really loved ?

You might be a student studying day and night, a employee working 9 to 5 or maybe a Mother making a home 24 x 7 365 a day ? But did you try to take a moment to realise that what you really love to do? And write that story in your pages of life

Well we all have the same 24 hrs in a day, But it’s an individual’s choice of what they want to do and it’s everyone choices that made them choose what they want to do, even though with all that the Flow of the life defends them from realising their own interest.

With all that hustle we do I believe we all will be successful but maybe allow your true self to unleash it self .
You might be a successful businessman, a doc or a scientist but you might just been a step away from a being a good actor, a singer you always wanted to be in the Future.

I always wanted to make videos and shoot photos and that eventually got deviated into the daily flow of life. Well of course it very important to do the regular art of living but at least we should have that few blocks of time allotted to what we really love apart from the other stuffs we do everyday. It refreshes the mind, clears frustrations and most importantly makes you feel your own self after all it all comes down to the time management.

Maybe you should just Write few lines of your own into the book of life you are already playing in
to make it totally your own!

Disclaimer : The video is based on the frame of my friend Angad Kahai Singh’s “Lemme Tell You a Story ” Idea : )

Do check his channel out. He does crazy stuff over there!!
Also He sometimes gives free pizzas XD
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